Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

Brouwerij t’IJ is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known and popular breweries. Over more than 30 years, it is brewing traditional Dutch as well as international styles of beer. The brewery, which is beautifully located next to a Dutch windmill, was in the news last year as it got a huge investment by Belgium Duvel-Moortgat.


The Summer Wheat Ale is a wheat ale style with an extra portion of hops – at least roughly speaking. The style is comparable to the well-known Schneider Weisse Meine Hopfenweisse, a great combination of refreshing wheat ale and fruity-bitter hops which one normally know from styles like IPA.

Het IJ’s Summer Wheat is a American Wheat Ale style with dry-hopping. The hops in this beer are Amarillo and Mosaic.


A beer like this is great for a warm summer day, where one want something refreshing but still some fruity bitter hops. Speaking of fruity hops, this beer has some nice citrus-flavours, but is also quite dry and bitter. The fruitiness therefore does not end up in a sweet and full beer, but in something you immediately want another sip after you drunken one.

Beer Facts: Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

  • Color: light, shiny, yellow, white head
  • Nose: fruits, light fruits, spicy
  • Taste: bitter, pepper, dry, green paprika, lemon, grapefruits, kumquats
  • Alcohol: 5.6%
  • Drinking temperature: 6 – 8 degrees Celsius



Sauerbier und wilde Hefen: Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016 in Amsterdam

Sauerbiere haben in den letzten Jahren wieder zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen. Diese Biere werden meist mit wilden Hefestämmen vergoren, was dann einen leicht säuerlichen Geschmack erzeugt.

Obwohl Deutschland eine lang zurückreichende Tradition mit Sauerbier hat (z.B. die original Berliner Weisse), ist es momentan noch eher ruhig um dieses Thema. Ganz anders im Ausland, wie beispielsweise Holland. Hier boomen die Sauerbiere seit wenigen Jahren und das nicht von ungefähr, schließlich ist der Nachbar Belgien mehr oder weniger das Mutterland der wilden Hefen.

Kaum verwunderlich also, dass in Amsterdam am kommenden Wochenende zum fünften Mal der sogenannten Carnivale Brettanomyces stattfinden wird. Brettanomyces ist einer dieser wilden Hefen und gibt diesem Bier Festival seinen Namen. An den 4 Tagen des Festivals geht es in ganz Amsterdam um alles rund um saure Biere, wilde Hefen und spontane Gärung.

Da alles auf englisch stattfinden wird, verweisen wir euch einfach mal auf unsere ausführlichen Berichterstattung zum Bierfest (auf englisch).

Beer for the gods: Walhalla Craft Beer

There is a new brewery in town (Amsterdam) and its aim is not less than make beers for the gods in the heavenly-place of Walhalla. Founded in the beginning of 2016, Walhalla Craft Beer is already an integral part of the Amsterdam craft beer landscape. Walhalla is „heavens naughty nephew. Where the songs are merry, the beer flows, and the neighbors complain about the noise“.  Probably this is also the reason why all the beers of Walhalla have great-sounding names like Loki, Osiris, Shakti, and Wuldor – names of mythic gods.

Founder and brewer Aart van Bergen checks all the marks of a modern-day brewery founder: first inspired beer-geek, then enthusiastic homebrewer, and finally master of its own beerlable. Aart, trained jazz-musician, is a really good example of the people behind the current craft beer revolution.

However, what sets Aart and Walhalla apart from many other new breweries is their choice for the first beer they launched. For a lot of new and rising craft beer breweries, a Pale Ale or IPA is the first choice. Apparently lots of consumers and beer-fans associate this style as the archetype for craft beer. But, and I think very wisely, Aart decided to go a different path and started with a beer that definitely tastes as it was brewed for heaven: a Farmhouse Ale.

Since then, three more beers joined the Walhalla family. When asking Aart what beers will come next, he just smiles and says: I have a lot more ideas for beers to come. That sounds promising!


At the moment, Aart brews his beer as a guest-brewer at established breweries in Amsterdam. The dream of Walhalla is to have its own brewing facilities and small brewpub within two or so years.

If you want to try Walhalla beers, the easiest might be just to come to Amsterdam. A lot of pubs and bar in the Dutch capital list Walhalla on their beer menus. Also, you can buy it here in many of the good equipped beer shops (e.g. De Bierkoning). In addition, a growing number of shops and bars all over Holland serve the beers.

Finally, the probably best way to get to know Walhalla beers is by visiting a beer festival in Amsterdam or the rest of the Netherlands. Aart is very busy with visiting all these great beer fests and serve his beers. Trying a beer at a festival also gives you the opportunity to talk to the brewer and get to know more about the beer than just the taste. And isn’t this what craft beer is all about?

Walhalla Craft Beer
Havikslaan 24B
1021 EK Amsterdam


Walhalla Craft Beer Amsterdam on Facebook

Watch the video of Walhalla’s double IPA beer launch party:

Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest 2016 @ BRET

From Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June, the Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest will take place for the second time at BRET. More than 5000 visitors joined last years edition to enjoy handcrafted beer, good food, and lots of nice tunes. This year will be even better!

The Festival will take place on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in the midst of a concrete wilderness called Sloterdijk (next to the Station Amsterdam-Sloterdijk), on top of an abandoned bus stop, painted it red: BRET.

Three days of Amsterdam’s finest beer (with some special guest from abroad), food, music, and more! And the whole Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest is free of charge!

 Breweries at Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest 2016

More information on the Fest’s Facebook page…

Orlyplein 76
1043 DP Amsterdam

Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016: Wild International Beer Festival

The legendary Beer King (De Bierkoning) in Amsterdam and the not less legendary beerbar In de Wildeman organize from June 23 until June 26, 2016 for the fifth time Carnivale Brettanomyces, an international beer festival dedicated to wild yeasts. With the help of the best beer venues in Amsterdam, they offer a comprehensive program with forty breweries from the Netherlands, Europe, and beyond. Exceptional at this festival are also more than twenty expert lectures about wild fermentation, ‚foodpairings‘, and a real forum with the leading brewers in this growing and fascinating sour beer niche. The goal is to get wild, spontaneous-fermented, and „sour beers‘ closer to the general public, as well as giving yeast a more important role in in beers as a driver for great taste.

Abnormally as standard
During the four days of the festival, not just any given beer is of interest, but everything is focused on beers with different yeasts and bacteria. No lean and cultivated yeasts are in the center, but raw organisms, which are hard to tame by the brewer and but big and surprising taste. Brettanomyces is one of them, as the festival name suggests, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus are two others. Beers with Brettanomyces will mainly feature more earthly, dry taste, the other two provide herb and bitter flavours. These yeasts and bacteria are indispensable in Geuze lambic, Flemish red and in the better-known Orval. But they actually can be combined with almost any style of beer. Despite some unruly characteristics in the brewing process, these deviant creatures have a growing popularity worldwide and so you can enjoy this year hundreds of beers from forty breweries from ten different countries.

Unique formula 
Unlike virtually any other beer festival, there is no central festival area at Carnivale Brettanomyces. All activities take place at six locations in Amsterdam. The opening and closing is done by Oedipus Brewing. Friday and Saturday the Beer King, In de Wildeman, Brouwerij De Prael, ‚t Arendsnest and American beerbar, The BeerTemple open their doors to all lovers of wild and sour beer. The Walloon Church will function these days as a restaurant with different food pairings.

As in previous editions, the gathered (sour) beer knowledge will be used again. This year, twenty lectures will be offered, with topics ranging from „Brettanomyces for dummies“ to treatises on biochemical level on the same subject. There are also a number of speakers covering the cultural and historical aspect of sour beers.

To open the festival proper, two leading brewers will engage in discussion in form of a forum. Chad Yakobson, brewer and founder of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Denver and the author of ‚The Brettanomyces Project’. He approached his yeast and brewing in a scientific way. This contrasts with Brewmaster Jean van Roy from Cantillon in Brussels, who is not easily intimidated when it comes to knowledge about wild fermentation, which he has learned purely from experience and was inherited from father to son in the more than hundred years old brewery in Brussels. With these two speakers on Thursday night, one can enjoying two examples of what binds them together and what makes them special.

Breweries at Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016:

Home brewers at Carnivale Brettanomyces 2016:

Visitor information

The festival will take place all over Amsterdam from 23 till 26.06. The lectures require a ticket, which can be purchased online (here).

A detailed festival calendar can be found on the website of the festival or here as a google calendar.


  • Bierkoning
  • In de Wildeman
  • Arendsnest
  • Beertemple
  • Brouwerij Oedipus
  • Brouwerij de Prael
  • De Waalse kerk


For more information, check our Interview with wild-yeast mastermind Jan!

Foto: Wildegist/ Arjan de Rooij

Bier Oost 2016 in Amsterdam

Saturday May 28 is a great day for beer lovers in Amsterdam, as the Bier Oost Festival will take place from 12.00 till 23.00 at the Jaap Eden IJsbanen in Amsterdam Oost. The festival will cover the stars of the Dutch craft beer scene and some international guest. All in all more than 80 will provide good beer!

Brewery line up at the Bier Oost Festival 2016:

Dutch breweries:

International breweries:

Tickets are still available online for 12 EUR.

More information on the event’s Facebook page…