Borefts Beer Festival 2016

It is September, which means the world wide famous Boreft Beer Festival is taking place very soon. Dutch Brouwerij de Molen invited again famous breweries from all over the globe and they didn’t had to ask long. The line-up in Bodegraven is just impressive!

If you want to join Borefts 2016, make sure you ordered a ticket online as there will be not tickets sold at the festival this year.

Like in the last years, there is a theme and challenge for the brewers at this year’s Borefts. As we (we = Germans) celebrate 500 years of Reinheitsgebot, the guys at De Molen challenged every participating brewery to brew a Boreftsspecial according to the Reinheitsgebot (English: Purity Law)

Borefts Beer Festival 2016
23 & 24 September 2016
Brouwerij de Molen
Bodegraven / The Netherlands

Borefts 2016 line-up:

Alvinne Brewery (Belgium)

“Brouwerij Alvinne Known for their sour ales, oak aging and many more styles. And of course because of their own private Morpheus yeast, the yeast that found Alvinnes Yeast Whisperer Marc in its own independent and mysterious way.”

  • Potpils (Boreftsspecial)   5,5%   Kellerpils
  • Mad Tom Session IPA       4%   Session IPA
  • Ich Bin Ein Berliner Framboos   4%   Beliner Weisse – fruitbeer
  • Wild West Kriek Framboos   6%   Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged
  • Wild West Blackthorn Ed.2015   6%   Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged
  • Wild West Grape Edition 2015   6%   Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged
  • Cuvée Sofie           8%   Blond sour ale – barrel aged
  • Cuvée Sofie Dryhopped       8%   Sour ale – barrel aged
  • Kriek van Mortagne       8%   Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged
  • Mano Negra           10%   Belgian Imperial Stout
  • Mano Negra Cognac BA       10%   Belgian Imperial Stout – barrel aged
  • Cuvée d’Erpigny Pineau de Charentes BA   12,2%   Barley Wine – barrel aged
  • Cuvée d’Erpigny Sauternes BA       12,2%   Barley Wine – barrel aged
  • Cuvée de Mortagne Piment d’Espelette   12,8%   Quaddrupple – barrel aged – spiced
  • Cuvée de Mortagne Banuyls BA12       8%   Quadrupple – barrel aged
  • Alvinne & Friends #4
  • Insight Brewing Smokin Peaches       11%   Sour ale – smoked fruit

Bakunin Brewery (Russia)

New brewery from Saint-Petersburg (Russia). “Bakunin brewery was founded by three passionate beer lovers: Alexander Romanenko – the owner of the eponymous beer cafe, Yuri Mitin – the home brewer enthusiast and Vladimir Naumkin – professional brewer. They love rich flavors, brave experiments and desire to share good beer with good people. Well guys, come on over, we definitely provide the good beer peeps!”

  • Twinberry   4,5%   Sour-Ale
  • Salty Dog   5%   Gose
  • Морс Атакует (Morse Attacks)   5,6%   Sour-Ale
  • Amphiprion   6%   Sour-Ale
  • Red Maniac   6,8%   Chili IPA
  • Beer with no name (Borefts special)   8 % Amber Lager
  • Ghost Town (Brandy B.A. w/ Brettanomyces)   10,5%   Imp. Stout
  • Коммендантский Час (Curfew)   11%   Imp. Stout
  • Ленинградец (Leningradets)   13,2%   Oat Wine

Bevog Brewery (Austria)

“Bevog Brewery (Bad Radkersburg) is ‘the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal. We brew beers with character and soul. Our goal is to transcend the limits of the known and ordinary!’ That’s how this relatively young brewery, close to the border of Slovenia, creates great expectations for their beers. And they are right to do so! We loved the beers we tasted and are happy to introduce them at Borefts 2016! “

  • Deetz   4,8%   golden ale
  • Baja   5,8%   oatmeal stout
  • Kellerbier   6%   kellerbier
  • OND   6,3%   smoked porter
  • Who Cares Editions – Orange Unicorn   6,3%   saison
  • Kramah   6,5%   ipa
  • Rudeen   7,4%   black ipa
  • Hagger   12,3%   barley wine

Birra del Borgo (Italy)

“Birra del Borgo was founded by Leonardo Di Vincenzo. Leonardo was inspired by the brewcraft of countries like Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. A great variety of styles leave his brewery in Borgorose. Success started with beers as ReAle, Duchessa and DucAle. They are on top of the high quality and characteristic craft beer wave that is active in Italy. For visitors of Borefts a unique chance to sample a big selection their, sometimes bizarre, beers from draft and have a talk with this brewmaster.”

  • Keller for Fest     ?%     kellerbier
  • Watermelon Man   4.5%   berliner weisse
  • Keto Reporter   5.2%   porter (tobacco)
  • Duchessa   5.8%   saison
  • Hoppy Cat 5.8% caskadion dark ale
  • Maledetta 6.2%   belgian ale
  • ReAle Extra 6.4%   apa
  • Castagnale 7.1%   bock (chestnut)
  • Etrusca     9.3%   experimental in anfora
  • Caos   10.9%   italian grape ale

Brasserie Thiriez (France)

“Brasserie Thiriez is located in the picturesque village of Esquelbecq, in the very north-west of France near the border of Belgium. Between the two world wars Esquelbecq had as many as five breweries. Now there is ‘only’ Thiriez! In May of this year Daniel and his people celebrated the 20th anniversary of Brasserie Thiriez. His brews vary from traditional Biérre de Garde up to Sour Brown Ale. Un grand bienvenue à Daniel et ses bières merveilleuses!”

  • Lager des Houblons (Borefts special)   4,5%   kellerbier
  • Petite Princesse   2,9%   Hoppy Session
  • Etoile du Nord       5,5%   Hoppy Saison
  • Blonde d’Esquelbecq   6,5%   Bière de Garde
  • Rouge Flamande       5,8%   Red Ale
  • Maline           5,8%   Porter
  • Dalva           8,5%   DIPA
  • Winter Ale       5,8%   Dark spiced ale

Brouwerij Kees! (Netherlands)

“All our beers are crafted with a passion for brewing and to delight our discerning beer-loving customers.”

  • Mutiny on the bounty  6%   Porter infused with bounty bar’s
  • Uri Keller   9%   Imperial Dry Hopped Dunkles Keller beer
  • Top of the Morning   12%   Breakfast Oatmeal Stout
  • Barrel Project # 8   12,5%   Barley wine aged on Cognac Barrels
  • Barrel Project # 6   13%   Barley wine aged on Barton Bourbon Barrels
  • Brew With Friends # 1 ( Cognac/ Calvados BA)   13%   Belguin Quad brewed with Magic Rock
  • Da Hong Pao   13%   Barley Wine with Suchuan Peppers
  • Imperial Russian Vanilla Eisbock   20%   IceBocked Vanillla Imperial Stout

Cascade Brewing (U.S.A.)

“Cascade Brewing has been a pioneer in the sour beer renaissance since 2006 and is the proud innovator of the Northwest Sour Ale. We are not bound by stylistic guidelines, just our own imagination and the ingredients we can access. Our distinctive sour beer blends feature fruit forward, barrel-aged ales that offer a complex array of flavors derived from Northwest grown ingredients, with each release capturing the unique subtleties of that year’s growing season.”

  • Cranberry       7%       Sour Ale
  • Strawberry     7,1%   Sour Ale
  • Elderberry     8,1%   Sour Ale
  • Kriek               8,5%   Sour Ale
  • Diesel             8,8%   Imperial Stout
  • The Vine         8,8%   Sour Ale
  • Figaro             10%     Sour Ale
  • Vlad the Imp Aler       10,6% Sour Ale
  • Shrieking Violet         11%     Sour Ale
  • Manhattan NW         11,3% Sour Ale
  • Bourbonic Plague       12,1% Sour Ale

Dry & Bitter Brewing Company (Denmark)

“Søren Parker Wagner started this micro brewery in January 2015. He is also co-founder of the well know beer bar Fermentoren in Copenhagen an previous brewer of Crooked Moon and Nørrebro restaurant and brewery.”

  • Christian Bale Ale   4,6%   SIPA
  • Citra Bale Ale   4,6%   SIPA
  • Dank & Juicy   6,2%   IPA
  • Under The Radar   7%   Baltic Porter
  • Everybody Dance   4,6%   Kettle sour with fruit
  • Still Lifestyle   7,3%   Coffee Porter
  • DTF   5,5&   Brett Ale
  • Old School Baltic Porter  10%   Imperial Porter

Gänstaller Bräu (Germany)

“Old and new world Beers from Upper Franconia. Just outside of Bamberg, in it’s idyllic countryside lies the small village Schnaid. There is the brewery of masterbrewer Andreas Gänstaller and his brewing daughter Daniele. Their brewery consists of a cascade brewing sytem including a 268 square feet copper cool ship. Among brewers and beerconnaisseurs Gänstaller Bräu is now believed to be one of Germany’s best craft beer breweries. ALL of Gänstaller Bräu beers are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot AKA German Purity Law”

  • Kellerbeer Mandarina   5,3%   Keller
  • Affumicator       9,6%   Smoked Doppelbock
  • Schwarze 90       11,9%   Imp. Stout Lager
  • Zwickelpils       5,1%   Zwickel
  • Daniela´s lager wheat   5%       Wheat
  • Andreator       8%       Red Doppelbock

Labietes (Latvia)

“Labietes is known for their recipes with local ingredients from Latvian forests and fields. Strongly rooted in Latvian culture and rituals, their beers often tell the stories of Latvian history through the centuries. Which makes them, apart from exquisite in tastes, even more of value. The Beers from Labietes are almost exclusively available at their brewpub in Riga, but at Borefts 2016: available in abundance!”

  • Rasele (Little dew)   3,7%   Wormwood and catnip session ale
  • Akmeņrags (Place name on west coast of Latvia)   4,5%   Heather and wild thyme amber ale
  • Ausma (Dawn)   5,8%   Ginger peppermint mild ale
  • Lauķis (Redneck)   5,8%   Latvian kellerbier
  • Pūdele (Midsummer pole fire)   5,9%   Pine spruce smoked IPA
  • Pļava (Meadow)   6,5%   Yarrow, meadowsweet and mugwort blond
  • Kamīns (Fireplace)   6,9%   Chamomile mild ale
  • Lenteņu kāvējs (Tapeworm slayer)   7,2%   Double black IPA
  • Pelašķu velns (Yarrow devil)   8,8%   Yarrow imperial stout
  • Dravnieka atraitne (Beekeekeprs widow)   13,0%   Braggot

La Pirata (Spain)

“Masterbrewer Aran Leon and his hoploving team brew their beers bursting with passion from Suria (Bracelona). Cervesa La Pirata: flaming, natural craft beers! Started out a homebrewer and as his skills an fanbase grew an expansion to a professional brewery was inevitable. Loving his hops, experiments & collaborations with beerfriends.”

  • Súria Gluten Free   5%   American Pale Ale
  • Fucking Beer Coffee Lager   5%   Coffee Lager
  • Lab Nº003 Hoppy Lager   5,2%   India Pale Lager
  • Keller (Borefts Special)   5,4%   Keller
  • Viakrucis   6%   IPA
  • ¡Ay, Carmela!   9,2%   Double IPA
  • Piet   9,9%   Imperial Farmhouse IPA
  • Black Block   11,2%   Imperial Stout
  • Black Block Bourbon Barrel Aged 13%   Imperial Stout

Lervig Aktiebryggeri (Norway)

“Ratebeer has ranked Lervig, rightfully so, as one of the world’s 100 best breweries. And 80 of them where American. An excellent rating! Lervig: ‘Our goals are to brew the best beers in the world, we like to work outside our comfort zone as well as combine our creativity with the years of craft brewing experience that our brewers have.’”

  • Barrel Aged Three Bean stout   13%   Imp stout with chocolate, vanilla, tonka bean
  • Borefts kellerbier       4,5%   Dry-Hopped Kellerbier
  • Cafe Sur           4%   Berliner Weisse espresso added
  • Farmhouse IPA           6%   Brett Aged IPA
  • Godshot               7,5%   Coffee Stout
  • Iconoclast Quad           9,5%   Brett aged quadruppel   75cl Bottle
  • Lawless               6,5%   Norwegian farmhouse beer with norwegian yeast
  • Norwegian Mauler        7,9%   Dry stout with black tea
  • Oat IPA               7,2%   IPA with 25% Oat
  • Passion Tang           7%   Kettle sour with passionfruit & grains of paradise
  • Sverd i fjell           10%   Triple IPA

Närke kulturbryggeri (Sweden)

“A small brewery located in Grenadjärstaden in Örebro, Sweden. Since 2004 they brew several kinds of flavorful beer, from light to black ale porter. Today notorious and highly appreciated! Närke kulturbryggeri is owned and operated by beer enthusiasts Håge and Berith. They want to spread the knowledge of beer and contribute to a wider and more varied beer landscape and thus contribute to a changed view of the beer culture.”

  • Jante Lager   4,8%
  • Pors & Tvärs – historical nordic gruit ale (myrica gale)   6,1%
  • Störtsjö Ur-APA – single hopped american pale ale & single malt. Jack McAuliffes original recipy from 1976!   6,1%
  • Örebro Bitter – extra special bitter   6,2%
  • Mirkos Märzen – lager   6,3%
  • Gransus – spruce ale   6,4%
  • 2xBock Grandios Manipulator –   7,8%
  • doppelbock, gravity Bayrischer Anstich
  • Tanngnjost & Tanngrisnir – historical nordic birch smoked juniper ale (Gotlandsdricka)   8,2%
  • Svarte Kungen – single hopped Porter-IPA   8,5%
  • Asgård Svartmölska – peated bragott   9,1%
  • Kaggen Stormaktsporter Börb’n & Hallon – oak-aged raspberry imperial stout, gravity Bayrischer Anstich   9,9%

Oedipus (The Netherlands)

“They sure know how to throw a party them selves, accompanied with their excellent beers, so it’s a joy for us to enclose our friends Oedipus Brewing (Amsterdam)! Oedipus’ vision: ‘A world where people are colourful and diverse. Oedipus Brewing creates quality craft beers for every kind of character at any given moment. We want to show that beer is for everyone, and that it is all about flavour and personal choice.’”

  • Slomo   3,5%   Session Saison
  • Swingers   4%   Gose with Grapefruit and Limezest
  • Vogelen   4%   Dry-hopped Berliner Weisse
  • Gandalf the Pink B.A.     4%   Berliner weisse with cherries aged on red whine barrels
  • Borefts 2016 – Festival Beer   5%   Keller
  • Mama   5%   Pale Ale
  • Polyamorie   5 %   Sour Pale Ale with Mango
  • Mannenliefde   6%   Saison
  • Gaia   7%   IPA
  • Thai Thai   8%   Tripel with Thai Spices
  • Hosanna   9%   Double IPA
  • Kinderyoga   11%   Imperial Stout
  • Kinderyoga B.A.     11%   Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Omnipollo (Sweden)

“Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin conceive their recipes at home and travel to different breweries across the globe, including ours, to craft their ales. With their ambition to change the perception of beer – forever, they fit seemless in our desired beer society.”

  • Perikles   4.2%   Pilsner
  • Bianca Mango Lassi Gose   6%   Gose
  • Lemon Merunge Ice cream Pie   6%   Pale Ale
  • Fatamorgana   8%   IIPA
  • Pollimango     8.5%   IIPA
  • Yellow Belly     11%   Stout
  • Hypnopompa   11%   Stout
  • Noa Double Barrel   11%   Stout
  • Outside the Lines (if it arrived)   12%   Stout

Sahtipaja (Sweden)

“Sahti is a traditional beer from Finland made from a variety of grains, malted and unmalted, including barley, rye, wheat, and oats; sometimes bread made from these grains is fermented instead of malt itself (wiki). Next to the Sahti Sahtipaja will be bringing other beers, cider and mead. Masterbrewer Timo Krjukoff: ‘I have my roots in Hämeenlääni in Finland, where Sahti tradition is very strong and Sahti is still brewed locally by farmers for their own joy and also for others to be enjoyed in bigger wedding and anniversary parties. To see that happy face of enjoyment on our customers’ faces after the first sip is all we care about.’”

  • Sahti   ?%   Sahti
  • Passion for Mango, passion fruit & mango berliner   4%   Berliner Weisse
  • Drei Hopped C3, cascade, centennial & chinook   4%   Berliner Weisse
  • Vaniljcider, dry apple cider with bourbon vanilla   5,5%   Cider
  • Violmjöd, violet flavored dry sparkling session mead   6,9%   Session mead
  • Almost Same but More   7,2%   DIPA


Source and more infos: Borefts Website

Interview about the Carnivale Brettanomyces Wild Yeast Festival 2016

We asked the founder, organiser, and wild yeast mastermind Jan Lemmens some questions about the Carnivale Brettanomyces.

Hi Jan, you organize the Carnivale Brettanomyces now for the fifth time. This time with more the 40 brewers and even more events. Did you imagine such a dimension 5 years ago?

Nope, but we could have know having the time on our side. As we noticed a growing number of beers around us using brett or other deviant fermenters, the idea was to give these a stage and promote them, as in, we wanted more of them. As every where the ‘craft beer revolution’ had slowly started in the Netherlands already too, bringing an new open minded audience and brewers. So we could have known, but we where naive.

Why call it Carnivale?

Despite the rather serious formula of the fest, with lectures, aiming for sharing knowledge, beer is a social and fun thing. We love having the nerds hanging around smelling their beer to identify the exact type of yeast used, we might even do that ourselves, but beer is fun too. A social lubricant and a delicious nectar. Besides that, we are (where perhaps) the beer festival of the uncommon beers. I think ‘Carnivale’ covers that wicked and jolly side of the event.

Is the festival just for beer geeks that already know sour beers and like them? Or can also somebody who hasn’t yet been in contact with spontaneous fermented brews have a good time at the Carnivale?

Everyone can have a good time at the festival. There is a lot of beer to taste, to drink. As our topic is yeast, styles can vary from lambic to imperial stout. As long as you are willing to leave your possibly prejudiced idea of what a beer should at home this is a great festival to be positively surprised of. And brettheads are nice people to hang out with. Really.

Carnivale Brettanomyces is a special festival not just because it is exclusively about sour beers, but also it takes place over 4 days at different locations. Can you describe a bit how the Brett Fest is different from other beer festivals in the way the visitor experiences these days?

In one way the fest is a pub crawl. There is no central location, no one has to buy a ticket to get in, there is simply a lot of specific beers at several places. With having little and bigger events like tap takeovers, the crowd can move from place to place to catch some of that fun. And someone who was just going out for a beer will find him or herself in an unexpected vibe, hopefully for the better.
The other side is the lectures we do. Slowly we see other festivals offering masterclasses, crash courses etc. too. Something we endorse. Despite the fun beer ansich is already, many of us like to know something more. By trying to get a broad spectrum of the best speakers we can offer a unique opportunity to listen and discuss with often the high end authorities on the topic. These lectures vary from historical to cultural to hardcore nerdy biochemistry. Honestly, we’ve been surprised with the enthusiasm these have been received. There is a whole world out there who likes to know a lot about their favorite drink.

There will be a lot of knowledge about wild yeast and probably lots of beers to try. What is your recommendation for the visitors to experience the most at the festival?

Al breweries and speakers are handpicked, we’re a craft festival 😉 Personally I’m very happy to finally having Chad Yakobson from the Crooked Stave Artisan brewery over. He is one you could refer to as Mister Brett. His work on the Brettanomyces project is groundbreaking. Having him doing a public discussion with Jean van Roy, Brewer at Cantillon is a dream coming true. Yvan De Baets, founder of De La Senne brwery in Brussels intrigued me for a long time too, because his comprehensive knowledge on the history of Saisons. And Sahtipaja, a brewer in Sweden has proven last year to make outstanding berliner weisses. But it really does not do right to the other speakers and breweries. They are all here for a reason ,they all have proven to be among the best.

If one can only visit three events during the Carnivale, which would you recommend? 

Do not miss the opening with, as mentioned above, Chad Yakobson and Jean van Roy. In discussion. I should mention we found Daniel Shelton from the Shelton Brothers, an American importer, to do the moderation. These guys imported Lambic to the states and possibly avoided a bankruptcy from Cantillon by doing so. Not that they could sell it in the states, it was pure passion. The world had to know. Now, the world does know. Cantillon is one of the most sought after beers in (and outside) the USA.
There is Raf Meert, blogger at lambik1801, who claims a whole different history of lambic than the public opinion tells us. He does a lecture about this on Saturday.
And then the foodpairings, a 6 course dinner at De Waalse kerk, with goat meat in every single dish. It is more than a gimmick, it is a savoury carnivale.


For more information about the Carnivale Brettanomyces, check out article with all you need to know!

Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest 2016 @ BRET

From Friday 10th to Sunday 12th June, the Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest will take place for the second time at BRET. More than 5000 visitors joined last years edition to enjoy handcrafted beer, good food, and lots of nice tunes. This year will be even better!

The Festival will take place on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in the midst of a concrete wilderness called Sloterdijk (next to the Station Amsterdam-Sloterdijk), on top of an abandoned bus stop, painted it red: BRET.

Three days of Amsterdam’s finest beer (with some special guest from abroad), food, music, and more! And the whole Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest is free of charge!

 Breweries at Amsterdam Craft Beer Fest 2016

More information on the Fest’s Facebook page…

Orlyplein 76
1043 DP Amsterdam

Buy now your Borefts 2016 ticket!

Although there is still some time till the weekend 23 and 24 in September, you should already buy your Borefts 2016 tickets now!

The legendary beer festival will again take place at the Brouwerij De Molen in Bodegraven/Netherlands. We do not know a lot about this years edition besides the date and that De Molen will bring some awesome beers, but we know that this years festival will have no ticket counter on the festival day. This means if you want to join one of the world’s best beer festivals, you have to buy your ticket online. Additional, the tickets are limited to 3500 per day.

Therefore, be quick and buy your ticket fast.

If you plan to travel to Borefts this year, let me know and we meet for a beer!

Bier Oost 2016 in Amsterdam

Saturday May 28 is a great day for beer lovers in Amsterdam, as the Bier Oost Festival will take place from 12.00 till 23.00 at the Jaap Eden IJsbanen in Amsterdam Oost. The festival will cover the stars of the Dutch craft beer scene and some international guest. All in all more than 80 will provide good beer!

Brewery line up at the Bier Oost Festival 2016:

Dutch breweries:

International breweries:

Tickets are still available online for 12 EUR.

More information on the event’s Facebook page… 

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival 2015 Review

The first Oersoep Craft Beer Festival was hosted in Nijmegen last weekend. It was organized by the Microbrewery Oersoep at the beautiful ‘Het Zomerkwartier’ (an artificial beach area next to river Waal) directly next to the brewery. The venue was the first thing one positively noticed when entering the festival site: There were not just some tables and benches standing around, but a nice beach with comfortable chairs, sun loungers and sofas. The whole location added a nice and smooth summer atmosphere to the festival!

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival 2015

But one was not (only) there because of the location, but for good and handmade beer. Oersoep invited 15 breweries from the Netherlands, England, the US and Italy to Nijmegen.

Breweries at the Oersoep Craft Beer Festival 2015:

  • Jester King Brewery (US)
  • Wild Beer Co. (UK)
  • Brew By Numbers (UK)
  • Birrificio Dada (IT)
  • Brouwerij Kees (NL)
  • Oedipus Brewing (NL)
  • Van Moll (NL)
  • Brouwerij de Hemel (NL)
  • Het Uiltje (NL)
  • Kaapse Brouwers (NL)
  • Donderwolk (NL)
  • Tommie Sjef Wild Ales (NL)
  • Rooie Dop (NL)
  • RUIG Bier (NL)
  • Brouwerij Frontaal (NL)
  • Katjelam (NL)


Form an organisational point of view; the event was overall well managed. You could either buy a ticket online or at the box office on site. The entrance to the festival ground was free but you had to have the official festival glass to taste the beers. The glass was really nice and looked at first glance exactly like the glass that is used in the BrewPub of Oersoep STOOM. However, this optics was kind of misleading, as the craft beer glass was in fact made of plastic. That might was the better choice, as a large part of the location was covered with sand and we all might now what happens when we combine sand, bar feet and broken glass.

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival 2015

Each brewery had brought different beers to Nijmegen and served two at the same time, which meant the kegs were changed ever now and then. Some of my beer highlights at the festival include the Grätzer from Katjelam. Brewed with Weizenrauchmalz, the beer had a great smoky and ham aroma, but was still not too heavy and pleasant to drink on a warm day. Also delicious was the Brettalicious of Oersoep, a saison with great acidity and fruity hop aroma. Wild Beer Co. from England, poured also a saison called ‘Cool as a Cucumber ‘, and yes, there was real cucumber involved. Great and refreshing!
In addition, I really liked the Tazara Pepe, a saison that was brewed with different kind of peppers by Birretta Dada from Italy. My overall favourite of the festival however was the Suave from Oersoep and Van Moll from Eindhoven: the Gin and Tonic Pale Ale. This beer was partly brewed with real tonic water and after the fermentation they added even some gin. The finished product was nice and round with great fruit flavours and a very pleasant juniper finish.

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival 2015

Craft beer events like this festival are a great opportunity to try special beers, which you otherwise only can buy (if you can buy them in your region at all) in big bottles. Also the conversations with other beer lovers and the brewers are always very informative and entertaining.
Nijmegen is always worth a visit, even if there is no craft beer festival. Visiting one of the 6 breweries and brews, or one of the countless great beer cafes is a must, as well as checking by the great beer shop De Bierhoeder.

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