Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

Brouwerij t’IJ is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known and popular breweries. Over more than 30 years, it is brewing traditional Dutch as well as international styles of beer. The brewery, which is beautifully located next to a Dutch windmill, was in the news last year as it got a huge investment by Belgium Duvel-Moortgat.


The Summer Wheat Ale is a wheat ale style with an extra portion of hops – at least roughly speaking. The style is comparable to the well-known Schneider Weisse Meine Hopfenweisse, a great combination of refreshing wheat ale and fruity-bitter hops which one normally know from styles like IPA.

Het IJ’s Summer Wheat is a American Wheat Ale style with dry-hopping. The hops in this beer are Amarillo and Mosaic.


A beer like this is great for a warm summer day, where one want something refreshing but still some fruity bitter hops. Speaking of fruity hops, this beer has some nice citrus-flavours, but is also quite dry and bitter. The fruitiness therefore does not end up in a sweet and full beer, but in something you immediately want another sip after you drunken one.

Beer Facts: Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

  • Color: light, shiny, yellow, white head
  • Nose: fruits, light fruits, spicy
  • Taste: bitter, pepper, dry, green paprika, lemon, grapefruits, kumquats
  • Alcohol: 5.6%
  • Drinking temperature: 6 – 8 degrees Celsius



New beer from Heineken: Heineken H41

Heineken is probably one of the most known beers around the world and definitely a synonym for Dutch beer. As well documented on HopfenLiebe, there is more to beer in the Netherlands than Heineken. Nevertheless, it is worth to take a look from time to time what this big brewery is doing.

Right now, there are some exciting news from the Heineken brewery, and this news have a name: Heineken H41. This new lager beer has the same ingredients as the classical Heineken, but uses different yeast. Normally, Heineken uses its famous A-Yeast. But the H41 uses new yeast, exclusively found in South-America. A few years ago, scientists discovered this new yeast in the forests of Patagonia and concluded interesting characteristics. Due to the colder climate in Patagonia, the H41 yeast is similar to bottom-fermentation yeast. But it produces very different flavors!

The beer is so far described as fruity, like a German Keller beer style. It has a sweet-malty flavor, which is partly due to the fact that the new yeast does not convert all sugars to alcohol. On top, it has apparently spicy flavors as usually known from Belgian blond beers. All this is still a lager beer.

So far, we hadn’t had the chance to taste the Heineken H41, as it is very limited and only sold in selected locations. As soon as we give it a try, we will report the tasting notes.


New craftbeer glass from Spiegelau for barrel-aged beer

The special beer glass from Spiegelau is rightly appreciated and famous. In addition to the already existing glasses Witbier, IPA, stout, there is now another glass for barrel-aged beer.

The glass was developed California, the Uinta Brewing Company in workshops with American craft Brewern like the great divide Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado, the Green Flash Brewing Company of San Diego, of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the cigar city brewing of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Here the press release for the new beer glass from Spiegelau:
Since 2013 busy is Spiegelau intensively with the topic of craft beer as well as the development of specific beer style glasses and using the experience of 500 years of artisan production of glass. In extensive workshops in collaboration with brewers and Sensorikexperten glasses were so far developed ALE (IPA), stout and American Wheatbeer/Witbier for the world’s leading hand-made beer styles India pale. Spiegelau devoted a special beer style, the barrel-mounted beers this year. „Cask storage is increasingly becoming the trend in the craft beer scene – also in Germany. We are therefore glad that four of the leading breweries are available for this style of beer to have won, to work together with them on the new glass for our workshops. The result is unique and works perfectly for all barrel-aged beers“, Spiegelau – Managing Director Richard Voit on successful cooperation forward. The fourth craft beer glass in the California, the Uinta Brewing Company was developed jointly with the great divide Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado, the Green Flash Brewing Company of San Diego, of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the cigar city brewing of Tampa Bay, Florida, for „Barrel aged Beer“. It supports the complex aromas, taste and mouth feel of barrel-aged beers with its special shape and perfectly reflects this. Like all glasses from Spiegelau is also this glass of fine crystal glass thin blown and beer without discoloration. The edge of the mouth is fine, without disturbing beaded and specifically directs the beer in the mouth. Despite the elegant and thin appearance, the glass is durable and dishwasher-proof. Sales Director Christian Kraus summarizes the function of the glass in one sentence: „A so special beer style deserves a special glass for the perfect drinking experience.“

Once we tried the glass, there’s a review on HopfenLiebe.