Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

Brouwerij t’IJ is one of Amsterdam’s most well-known and popular breweries. Over more than 30 years, it is brewing traditional Dutch as well as international styles of beer. The brewery, which is beautifully located next to a Dutch windmill, was in the news last year as it got a huge investment by Belgium Duvel-Moortgat.


The Summer Wheat Ale is a wheat ale style with an extra portion of hops – at least roughly speaking. The style is comparable to the well-known Schneider Weisse Meine Hopfenweisse, a great combination of refreshing wheat ale and fruity-bitter hops which one normally know from styles like IPA.

Het IJ’s Summer Wheat is a American Wheat Ale style with dry-hopping. The hops in this beer are Amarillo and Mosaic.


A beer like this is great for a warm summer day, where one want something refreshing but still some fruity bitter hops. Speaking of fruity hops, this beer has some nice citrus-flavours, but is also quite dry and bitter. The fruitiness therefore does not end up in a sweet and full beer, but in something you immediately want another sip after you drunken one.

Beer Facts: Brouwerij t’IJ Summer Wheat Ale

  • Color: light, shiny, yellow, white head
  • Nose: fruits, light fruits, spicy
  • Taste: bitter, pepper, dry, green paprika, lemon, grapefruits, kumquats
  • Alcohol: 5.6%
  • Drinking temperature: 6 – 8 degrees Celsius



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